Monday, July 25, 2011

If you want to advertise on Google to reach techie types, think again

If you saw my earlier post, you caught the fact that Google's new real name policies have angered a few people. Granted only a very small percentage of people feel this way, but there are people who are thinking along the same lines as Christopher Welle:

With the open invitations to Google Plus, people flocked to you so that they could try the newest thing. People like L0gex, Spidra Webster, and others like Thomas Monopoly have been suspended without clear reason. This isn’t just the Google Plus, but other services they used like +1, and Picasa that Google has decided to tie into the Google Plus policies....

With the new Powers That Be that have decided using a nick name on the internet is not OK, I think its time I start to look at moving my services away from Google. It’s a shame really, but after Facebook’s shenanigans I just find it hard to be able to trust any company that starts down this path.

I honestly can’t say I will shutdown my account with all Google Services, but probably I will just seriously curb my usage of all Google services and apps and be more mindful of what I use on pretty much all services with any corporation on the internet.

Read all of Welles' thoughts here, especially the part at the end where he begins to look at using competitor services.
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