Monday, October 5, 2009

Working on the move? Multitasking gone awry

Probably the best thing that's resulted from my participation in BloggersBase is the discovery of several talented bloggers, among them KEckerle, who describes herself as a "location independent professional" who has conducted business virtually from a recreational vehicle. When I ran across this New York Times article, I initially thought it was a similar story, but it turned out to be a very different tale. Here's an excerpt:

Scrambling to protect his company’s credibility with a big customer, he grabbed his cellphone to arrange a new shipment, cradling it between his left ear and shoulder, and with his right hand e-mailed instructions to his staff from his laptop computer — all while driving his rental car in a construction zone on a two-lane highway in North Carolina.

The article asserted that there was a difference between different types of distracted drivers:

For white-collar employees, pressures to multitask are largely self-imposed. For blue-collar workers, the demands to stay connected while driving are often imposed by their bosses.

More here.

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