Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sworn under an oath to war - cancer consuming six letters of the @DrewFromTV handle

Earlier this morning I was raving in my music blog about the Siobhan Donaghy song "Ghosts." If you ever take a gander at the lyrics (which I posted), you will probably end up scratching your head. However, at least one of the lyrics was constructed by Donaghy saying something, playing it backwards, and then determining what it sounded like.

I'm not sure if that was the origin of the chorus also, but it's quite possible. The chorus for "Ghosts" is

Sworn under an oath to war

Which brings me to Drew Carey. Even under usual circumstances, I probably would have chosen to follow the @DrewFromTV Twitter account, because I am an admirer of Drew's work, particularly in the U.S. version of "Whose Line Is It Anyway"?

One of the games in this show was called "Superheroes," in which the participants all pretended to be bizarre superheroes battling a terrible enemy. For example, in episode 228 the enemy was dry skin.

Drew would normally sit behind the desk during the Superheroes game, but recently he emerged from the desk, sworn under an oath to war. Or perhaps he was still sitting behind the desk, I don't know. Regardless, Drew started tweeting. Here's a tweet that caught people's attention:

I bid $25k for the @Drew Twitter handle.

This was in response to Drew Olanoff's announcement, shared through Mashable, that he would auction off the aforementioned @Drew Twitter handle, with the proceeeds from the auction going to the LIVESTRONG Foundation.

But Drew Carey didn't stop there. Eleven minutes later, Carey tweeted:

@Drew I'll up my donation to LIVESTRONG to $100k if I get 100k followers by Nov 9th. I have just over 13k followers now.

Oh, and in case you haven't heard, Drew didn't stop there either. No sir.

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Yes, that's one million dollars. I guess you can say that the price is right. (You can groan now.)

When Shira Lazar wrote about this, she noted that Drew Carey isn't the first person to use Twitter for charitable purposes:

Ashton Kutcher did it for Malaria No More. So did Hugh Jackman for Charity: Water and Operation of Hope.

Now this Twitter trend is a good thing.

(Picture source, license)
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