Sunday, October 4, 2009

Empoprise-BI News - 4 October 2009

Empoprise-BI News

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Welcome to Empoprise-BI News

An abbreviated version this week.

Yup, I got posts coming up, including some "empo-tuulwey" (a tool is not a way of life) posts, and at least one "empo-utoobd" post.

Personally, the post from last week that I enjoyed writing the most was the Friday post If hotels were like airlines - a cautionary tale. If you missed it, it was the fictional (?) story of an airline executive who ran into a hotel that practiced the same kind of add-on pricing that the airlines love to do these days.

I don't know what it is, but airlines bring out the best (or worst) in my parodical style. One of my first parody blog posts was one I wrote back in July 2004, They Weren't Terrorists...They Weren't Desert Casino-Bound Musicians...They Were Girlie Men! It was a parody of Annie Jacobsen's original "Terror in the Skies" post, except my version had a bunch of Finnish people in a Denny's, rather than a bunch of Arab people in an airplane. Sample:

Once we ordered our iced teas and club sodas, the unusual activity began. I overheard someone asking for a tuna fish pizza.

There's a personal story behind that second sentence, but I'm not going to tell it now. Suffice it to say that my version was almost as over-the-top as Jacobsen's original account. Incidentally, Women's Wall Street does not appear to exist, but quotes a portion of Jacobsen's original account. But there's still my post about "Nour Mehana and his bathroom-loving band."

So what happened to Women's Wall Street? Did the recession do it in?
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