Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Amusing employer-blocking story of the day

This was buried in a comment on a Mashable post.

We used to be able to get everything but then they suddenly banned everything social networking related without any kind of warning. One day it worked the next it didn't. I guess a lot of people complained because about a week later they brought it back, but just between 12 and 2 when people are usually on lunch.

But here's the kicker:

The CEO even started a Facebook company page which was odd seeing as we can't get on it at work. No ones going to bother going onto it in their free time.. Seems like he is contradicting himself.

The comment, and the Mashable post itself, were written in response to a Robert Half survey from earlier this month:

CIOs were asked, “Which of the following most closely describes your company’s policy on visiting social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, while at work?” Their responses:

Prohibited completely 54%
Permitted for business purposes only 19%
Permitted for limited personal use 16%
Permitted for any type of personal use 10%
Don't know/no answer 1%
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