Monday, October 5, 2009

Possible dates for Oracle OpenWorld 2010...and 2011?

I've been attending Oracle OpenWorld for five years now (counting my planned attendance next week), and it's always been a game to me to figure out when the next year's Oracle OpenWorld would be. I've always assumed that it was a deep dark secret that I could never hope to fathom, but perhaps I just didn't try hard enough.

There was a discussion on Oracle Mix that asked about the 2010 date - the questioner was trying to plan something else, but it was difficult to do so when the Oracle event could occur at any time between September and November.

Well, I turned to my trusty web search, and located a PDF file at (And yes, that's "downroad," not "download," in the URL, but since my Japanese language skills are non-existent, I can't really throw stones here.) Seeing that this came from a source well outside of San Francisco, I didn't immediately take its statements as gospel truth. However, according to this PDF, which purports to be from the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau, there are Oracle OpenWorld dates for the next several years:

Oracle Corporation, Oracle Openworld - 2010 11/07/10 11/11/10
Oracle Corporation, Oracle Openworld - 2011 10/02/11 10/06/11
Oracle Corporation, Oracle Openworld - 2012 09/30/12 10/04/12
Oracle Corporation, Oracle Openworld - 2013 09/22/13 09/26/13
Oracle Corporation, Oracle Openworld - 2014 09/28/14 10/02/14
Oracle Corporation, Oracle Openworld - 2015 10/25/15 10/29/15

But there's a caveat:

The information contained herein is subject to change at all times

Um..."at all times"? Not "at any time"? The phrase

In addition, the document says:

Please contact our tourism team at
for specific questions.

I hadn't run across something in the .travel domain before, so I thought I'd check it out...and it became very obvious that was not associated with the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau...unless said Bureau has seen fit to promote tourism in Sarajevo, Cairo, and Cuba. (Well, I could see San Francisco promoting travel in Cuba...)

I decided it was time to find the REAL San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau website, which happens to be I explored the website, and got to, which includes a search facility to find conventions for the next 24 months. So I entered the search term "openworld":

11.12.07 - 11.16.07
Oracle Corporation
Oracle Openworld - 2007
Monday, 11/12/2007 through Friday, 11/16/2007
Attendance: 45000
Peak Rooms: 15000

09.21.08 - 09.25.08
Oracle Corporation
Oracle Openworld - 2008
Sunday, 9/21/2008 through Thursday, 9/25/2008
Attendance: 42976
Peak Rooms: 15300

10.11.09 - 10.15.09
Oracle Corporation
Oracle OpenWorld - 2009
Sunday, 10/11/2009 through Thursday, 10/15/2009
Attendance: 45000
Peak Rooms: 15500

09.19.10 - 09.23.10
Oracle Corporation
Oracle OpenWorld - 2010
Sunday, 9/19/2010 through Thursday, 9/23/2010
Attendance: 45000
Peak Rooms: 15500

10.02.11 - 10.06.11
Oracle Corporation
Oracle OpenWorld - 2011
Sunday, 10/2/2011 through Thursday, 10/6/2011
Attendance: 45000
Peak Rooms: 15700

But even here, a caveat is in order. This is what the convention bureau says are the dates for the next two years - but has Oracle officially signed up to those dates? In the past, I linked to an April 2007 article that noted that Oracle OpenWorld 2008 was almost moved to another city.

An Oracle spokesman downplayed the company's talks with other cities, including one six weeks ago with the mayor of Chicago, as routine. He said the company did not end up seriously considering moving OpenWorld and emphasized the company is "committed to keeping the show in San Francisco."

But article writer Ryan Tate also noted:

There remains a strong possibility that Oracle will pull the show out of San Francisco within the next few years as it continues to grow, [city] officials said.

Now I obviously have no way of knowing the internal workings of the Bureau and Oracle, so I have no idea whether Oracle has agreed to the 2011 dates listed at the Bureau website, much less than 2012-2015 dates that I downloaded from my Japanese source.

But I'm not booking my travel plans for 2010, 2011, or 2015 just yet.
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