Friday, February 14, 2014

Perhaps Rita Moreno of Arte will move the Los Angeles Angels to Los Angeles

Normally, when two sides face off in a business dispute and rally their supporters, the predictions of dire consequences prove to be unfounded. One possible exception may be the dispute between DirecTV and the Weather Channel, but for all I know, that may be resolved at some point.

And maybe the dispute between the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim" and the City of Anaheim may also be resolved.

Or perhaps not:

Angels owner Arte Moreno said Friday that negotiations with the city of Anaheim for a new stadium lease are “at a stalemate,” but he stopped short of saying he was aggressively pursuing a new home for the team.

“We haven’t crossed that line yet,” Moreno said while Angels pitchers and catchers finished their first day of spring-training workouts. “In September, we thought we had a good outline for a deal … but the reality is, we have not been able to get it done. Somewhere along the line, there has to be a partnership.”

Well, if "partnership" is defined as "giving the parking lot to Rita Moreno of Arte," then yes, Anaheim mayor Tom Tait isn't interested in "partnership."

So what happens?


Remember that if no deal is reached, the Angels can't opt out of their deal until 2016. At that point, they can officially make noise about moving somewhere else - with the most desirable location presumably being Los Angeles itself. (After all, the Angels are a Los Angeles team.)

There's only one teeny tiny problem - there aren't a lot of 50,000 seat baseball stadiums sitting around Los Angeles. (The Coliseum doesn't count.) Of course, Rita Moreno of Arte can hope that an Irwindale will be motivated to throw a bunch of money Rita's way to build a stadium.

These certainly aren't the days of Gene Autry.
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