Monday, November 18, 2013

KSINF is the acronym for Kiefer Sutherland Is Not Fat. Kiefer is Tim Woodsy's process loving friend.

So I guess all the cool kids are doing Lean these days, and most all of them are talking about the seven types of waste that Lean is supposed to combat. Those types of waste are:


If you look close at the first letters of those seven lines, you will see that they spell "Tim Wood." Ross Graham talks about Tim:

He is not a good man. He is a low life. He has been underneath minding everything you do with great ease and effectiveness. His work may be seen in just in regards to each area of your business. He is very clever in that a great deal of of you do not even comprehend what he has been up to…

His plan is to suck the very lifeblood out of your business. He wants to make it a place with little future, where exuberance is frowned upon, and blame is more comfortable than praise.

But not everyone agrees that Tim Wood is a bad man. Remember how I said that most all of the cool kids are talking about Tim Wood? Well, it turns out that some of them are talking about Tim Woods. Take the seven wastes above, and add an "S" at the end:

S – Skills – Under utilizing capabilities, delegating tasks with inadequate training

While you're processing this bit of confusion over what Lean is supposed to combat, let me tell you why the confusion exists.

I blame Kiefer Sutherland.

Sutherland is probably best known for his recurring role on the television series 24, and it turns out that in season seven, there was a character on the show named Tim Woods, Secretary of Homeland Security.

Naturally, the character had to return for season 8.

As it turned out, the series 24 only broadcast eight seasons in its standard form. What if there had been a ninth season? Would Tim Woods have become Tim Woodsy? Would "Yammer overuse" have become a threat to business?
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