Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ayo Kimathi update

Remember Ayo Kimathi? I wrote about him back in August. He's the guy whose private website caused the Department of Homeland Security to receive unwanted attention. Apparently the mass killing of whites and Uncle Tom blacks is not in complete agreement with DHS' objectives. I also noted that people are loudly clamoring for Kimathi to be fired, despite the fact that government employees who voice support for Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden (both of whom are criminals from the Federal Government perspective). And, for good measure, I observed that Kimathi as a government employee has First Amendment protections that may not be enjoyed by people who work for private firms.

So, what does this mean?

First, let's go to the DHS web page that I mentioned earlier. It has changed.

Paulette Creighton, ICE Office of Acquisition Management, is the ICE Small Business Specialist, who serves as a point of contact for private firms seeking agency-specific acquisition information. Meetings with the ICE Small Business Specialist are scheduled through the DHS open for business website.

Well, I found Ms. Creighton's LinkedIn page and discovered some shocking news.

She attended the University of Maryland.

While this may cause some heartburn to some of the rivals of that particular university, Creighton's 20+ years of contracting/acquisition experience have probably resulted in a huge sigh of relief for various DHS employees and contractors.

As for Kimathi, he is officially still employed at DHS.

Kimathi was placed on administrative leave four months ago after it came to light that he was operating a Web site which calls for the mass murder of whites. DHS has condemned Kimathi’s political views and said his employment is under review.

According to Homeland Security News Wire, Kimathi is being paid during this administrative leave.

In the end, the DHS may have to result to an "Al Capone" type of solution. You'll recall that Capone wasn't imprisoned for being a gangster; he was imprisoned for tax evasion. Similarly, Kimathi may lose his job for something other than stating his Constitutionally protected First Amendment views - for example, for lying about the nature of his website.

Kimathi insists that his Web site, War is on the Horizon, is just an entertainment site that sells concerts and lecture videos.

And the 1960s Black Panthers were just a group of idealistic young men who liked to discuss the Second Amendment.

Just remember, however, that if Kimathi is fired despite First Amendment protections, other government employees may be fired in the same way. Is this desirable?
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