Monday, November 25, 2013


A follow-up to yesterday afternoon's post.

Pegasus Librarian has shared a little bit more about the competing claims of what happened to FriendFeed over the weekend. I urge you to read it, as well as her previous post if you haven't already done so.

And, we have received a reminder that FriendFeed is truly an international service. Other than Pegasus Librarian, the only piece that I've seen about FriendFeed's weekend outage is this piece. Let me quote part of it.

Dubito che gli amministratori possano chiuderlo da un momento all’altro, senza avvertire gli utenti: esistono degli obblighi legali sulla gestione delle informazioni personali che devono essere rispettati da entrambe le parti. Tuttavia, non avendo più un account, non posso verificare se sia stata inviata una e-mail agli iscritti e le difficoltà a raggiungere persino il blog ufficiale del social network lasciano intendere che questa comunicazione sia imminente. Tutto sommato, FriendFeed è da tempo una spesa inutile per Facebook.

Now some of my more perceptive readers may have noticed that this particular piece is written in Italian. When I ran the paragraph above through Google Translate, here is what I got:

I doubt that administrators can close it at any moment, without warning users: there are legal obligations on the management of personal information that must be respected by both parties. However, not having an account, I can not verify whether it was sent an e-mail to subscribers, and the difficulty in reaching even the official blog of social networks suggest that this disclosure is imminent . All in all, FriendFeed has long been an unnecessary expense for Facebook.

But at the end of the day, the author had to update the post. FriendFeed was back up. Facebook didn't shut it down. A point that Pegasus Librarian made:

2. Facebook let us live! And even revived us!

Naturalmente. Siamo FriendFeed. Noi siamo legione.

Elbette. Biz FriendFeed bulunmaktadır. Biz kalabalıktır.
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