Monday, November 4, 2013

Giving complex kitchen applicances the finger

I need to start with two disclosures.

First, I have a personal bias toward product designs that are simple. In my view, simple designs mean that fewer things can break.

Second, I must disclose that I work in the biometrics industry.

The second disclosure is required because I am going to talk about a Whirlpool patent application. IPWatchDog:

Today, we’re featuring one patent application that may provide an incredible improvement to computer control systems on home appliances. This application would protect a system of analyzing user characteristics to determine the individual’s identity and bring up a personalized interface....

This patent application, filed by Whirlpool with the USPTO, would protect a system of personalizing the user interface for appliance computing systems. Sensors included on an appliance would be capable of logging biometric information of a user, such as height, appearance and voice. This data can be analyzed to determine the exact identity of a user.

Once the user’s identity has been determined, the appliance user interface can display a personalized interface template.

This is all right and fine, and in a way I support all this stuff, because it has the potential to make more money for me.

But before the applicance industry goes down the biometric route, shouldn't it get its oven temperature sensors to work reliably first?
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