Monday, October 21, 2013

Silicon Valley is Devoid of Reason, the Michael Hiltzik Edition

In case you missed it, I posted two opposing items early this morning - Silicon Valley is Devoid of Reason, the Monday Edition and Silicon Valley is Incredibly Attractive, the Monday Edition.

As you can figure out from the title of this post, I found something online that supports the first of the two arguments. (I'm on vacation today, and have time to do all sorts of things - install doorknobs, ride around in my nephew's Jeep without my nephew present, and read about BART.) But before I present what I found online, let me quote from the conclusion of my first post:

Oh, and there is (if I may borrow a Valley phrase) "one more thing" -

If we ever reach the stage where we can completely automate government to a point where it doesn't need any of those pesky humans around - then we can perform the same thing and automate all of those Silicon Valley companies, and get rid of you.

Well, Michael Hiltzik just wrote something in the Los Angeles Times that goes well beyond anything I said in my post. I don't know Hiltzik, but The BART strike brings out class ugliness in Silicon Valley was obviously not written by a Tea Partier. After noting some of the anti-union comments from the Valley's elite, Hiltzik concludes HIS post as follows:

Blaming the workers for the impasse is a peculiarly one-sided interpretation of what's happening. Sure, you could say that 2,400 non-automated, human employees stand in the way of Silicon Valley's determination to "build something." But it's equally true to say that BART's nine board members and its general manager are the real obstacles to a settlement. Maybe Silicon Valley should figure out a way to automate them.
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