Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ridiculous ends to business associations, the McDonald's edition

Compared to other industries, my industry is a relative lovefest.

Take McDonald's. Ketchup is obviously an important condiment for McDonald's, and although most ketchup at U.S. locations is unidentified, there are two markets that use Heinz ketchup. Heinz is also used at McDonald's locations outside of the United States, the result of a 40 year relationship between the two firms.

That relationship is ending. Why? Because Heinz's new CEO used to have another job:

McDonald's Corp (MCD.N) on Friday said it plans to end its 40-year relationship with ketchup maker H.J. Heinz Co, since that company is now led by Bernardo Hees, the former chief executive of hamburger rival Burger King Worldwide Inc (BKW.N).

Note that Hees USED TO work at Burger King. He does not work at Burger King any longer, having left in June 2013 when he accepted the Heinz position. However, his mere presence at Heinz appears to...um, stain the company's reputation with McDonald's.

Despite the fact that Hees presumably knows McDonald's industry better than any previous Heinz CEO.

And despite the fact that Heinz's hiring of Hees presumably deprives McDonald's competitor of a key asset.

Oh well. If you decide to smuggle Heinz ketchup into a McDonald's, please let me know.
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