Monday, October 21, 2013

And what about men? And others?

Have you heard about the UN Women auto-complete campaign, in which predicted search results from Google effectively demonstrate how many people feel about women? For example, if someone types "women need to" into Google search, the most popular suggested search at the time was "women need to be put into their place."

Well, just for fun, I figured that I'd try a few searches about men.

(Men shoulder bag?)

But then I thought I'd make this a little interesting. While there are claims that there are "wars" on various religious and ethnic minorities, there is a common claim that there is a culture war against Christians. Well, let's run that thesis through Google auto-complete:

I'm sure the United Nations will get right on this problematic "christians must die" message...but will they object to it, and support it?

But let's take a look at a few related searches; perhaps Christians aren't the only ones being threatened.

Well, if nothing else, Christians, Muslims, and atheists can all come together and mutually protect each other from death threats. We CAN all just get along...
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