Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ignoring gender differences in B2B marketing is not an option - or it's a bunch of options

From the executive summary to How Women Decide by Cathy Benko and Bill Pelster:

Interviews with experienced buyers of professional services in 18 large organizations—and observations of meetings with hundreds of prospective and existing clients—revealed significant differences between men and women as B2B buyers. For example, women see a meeting with a candidate service provider as a chance to explore options in collaboration with an expert resource, while men see that event as a near-final step in the process, when they are narrowing down and choosing among options.

Susan Rosengarten concludes:

A good understanding of these differences has obvious advantages. If a company greets a female client with the same mindset and meeting schedule they would present to a male client, time is wasted. As a result client and contractor alike may lose out on advantageous opportunities.
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