Monday, October 1, 2012

Some non-fiction about Braeburn Capital

My May 1 fiction story about Braeburn Capital has been getting a lot of traffic lately. Not because of any merits of its own, but because of some REAL news about Braeburn Capital, courtesy Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge. Durden starts by making the point about the lack of knowledge about Braeburn Capital:

The world's largest hedge fund is not located in the top floor of some shiny, floor-to-ceiling glass clad skyscraper in New York, London, Hong Kong or Shanghai. It isn't in some sprawling mansion in Greenwich or Stamford which houses a state of the art trading desk behind a crocodile-filled moat. Instead it can be found in tiny, nondescript office in Suite 225 located on 730 Sandhill Road in Reno, Nevada.

I'm not familiar with the ups and downs of the hedge fund business, but Durden reports that Apple's Braeburn Capital has overtaken Bridgewater to become the largest hedge fund, with over $117.2 billion (yes, billion) in assets as of June 30.

And it's growing at $15 billion per quarter.

Durden concludes with this thought:

[W]ith the topic of finding effective tax loopholes which are perfectly legal, yet which apparently are unfair, serving as the basis of the entire presidential race to date, what Apple can be absolutely certain of is that once the farce culminating on November 6 is over, the government's eye will finally turn to minimizing "externalities" among such companies which have been able to pass through corporate tax savings to end consumers by abiding within the legal system....

Because while AAPL may have built the iPhone, very soon it will be only fair that it share its profits acquired over the years, and thus its cash balance, which at last check was double that of the US Treasury, with the general public.

At that point Braeburn will almost certainly be a household name.

And yes, the Gene and Michael that I included in my fiction piece are real people, although the conversations were completely made up.

As to whether the premise of my story - that Braeburn Capital would invest in Google - is real or fictional, we just don't know.
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