Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's scary when I exhibit more common sense than American Apparel

I recently restrained myself from doing something.

I happen to know someone in Europe who goes by the nickname Sandy, and I almost sent a message to her recently. I was going to say that I was excited when I heard that Sandy was coming to the United States, but disappointed when I learned that it was actually a different Sandy that would be coming. However, once that Sandy - Hurricane Sandy - began killing people, my joke suddenly became much less funny, and I never sent it.

American Apparel, however, did not share my sense of restraint:

The retailer sent an email blast to customers Monday night offering a 20 percent discount for the next 36 hours “in case you’re bored during the storm.” The ad then featured a map that highlighted the northeastern part of the United States, where Hurricane Sandy was hitting the hardest.

The sale offer was available to customers of Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. The ad then told customers to “Just Enter SANDYSALE at Checkout” to get the discount.

Well, some people didn't go to American Apparel's checkout page. Instead, they went to Twitter and expressed their displeasure. Electric Pig:

Search ‘American Apparel’ on Twitter...and you’re likely to see a torrent of abuse, with users calling for boycotts, or for the store to take its 20 per cent and donate it to charity. Oops.
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