Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lucasfilm reunited under Disney

It's funny when a company splits into multiple parts, only to later be reunited. AT&T is a good example.

And another example was just announced today, when Disney announced that it was buying Lucasfilm for over $4 billion. Lucasfilm will now be under the same umbrella as Pixar, which Disney bought several years ago.

However, Pixar was one of those things that Steve Jobs didn't invent himself (although he made it better). If you think back, you'll recall that Jobs bought Pixar.

From Lucasfilm.

And there are small ramifications that are interesting. I confess that I don't know Brenda Chapman from Brenda Starr, but it was newsworthy when Chapman left Pixar to work for Lucasfilm. I hope that Chapman didn't leave Pixar because of a hatred for Mickey Mouse.
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