Monday, October 8, 2012

(empo-muvei) Programming note - I'm about to milk an ebook for all it's worth

At some future time, this blog will feature several FCC-mandated disclosures, followed by at least one (or perhaps several) posts concerning various business topics.

One topic that will be discussed was previously discussed in this April 30 blog post, Address the great engineering shortage of 2012 by promoting calligraphy (or something like it).

Oh, and there's the possibility that the discussion may also reach my tymshft blog.

But I can't do anything until I get the FCC disclosures out of the way. There will be several of them; I haven't had to write so many FCC disclosures since Justin Kestelyn gave me beer at Oracle OpenWorld.

More later.

[5:30 PM - UPDATE.]
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