Friday, October 5, 2012

(empo-plaaybizz) My rant against Electronic Arts - Zuma Blitz ad blocks SimCity Social access

What most of America is completely immersed in issues regarding the Sesame Street character Big Bird, I'm thinking about IMPORTANT stuff.

I should start by saying that I realize that online game companies need to make money. It's impractical to expect that they would provide these games completely for free.

And I understand that if you're playing one game from a game company, you're a logical target for advertising for other company games.

But when Electronic Arts' advertisements for its new online Facebook game, Zuma Blitz, do not allow me to proceed to play EA's existing Facebook game, SimCity Social...that is inexcusable.

When the Zuma Blitz ad appears, all access to SimCity Social is blocked. The only option that appears to be available is the option to play Zuma Blitz.

After several tries, I've found that there are only two ways to proceed:

1. Click on the Zuma Blitz ad and then immediately close the window that opens.

2. Quit SimCity Social altogether, re-enter from Facebook, and hope that the Zuma Blitz ad doesn't pop up again.

And yes, I realize that Gary Johnson is completely in favor of this behavior (or at least believes that government shouldn't get involved). But at least that's more honest than the pandering major party candidates, who will promise to call a Congressional hearing or something. (And yes, I know that Presidents can't call Congressional hearings, which is what makes the pandering worse.)

Oh well, at least my favorite game isn't part of the EA/Zynga oligopoly.
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