Sunday, March 11, 2012

Would you use a content scraper such as the Cascade Team as your real estate broker?

As you may know, I recently started a new blog called tymshft. (It's now on its own domain, by the way -

On Thursday, March 8, I wrote, timely post on that blog entitled Benjamin Franklin’s Daylight Saving Time joke is taken seriously.

Imagine my surprise to find this post on the Cascade Team's blog. This March 11 post is entitled "Benjamin Franklin’s Daylight Saving Time joke is taken seriously!" (Yes, an entirely different title - note the exclamation mark!) The post begins with these words:

I have written about Daylight Saving Time in the past, and since we’re about to start Daylight Saving Time here in (portions of) the United States, it’s fitting to look at the practice.

The words "in the past" include a link to a post in my Empoprise-BI blog.

Yet the post itself does not include any link to the original post in the tymshft blog, nor any mention of the tymshft blog, nor any mention of myself (John E. Bredehoft a/k/a empoprises) as the original author.

Instead, the post includes the words "By The Cascade Team."

I am not a member of the Cascade Team, by the way.

Who is the Cascade Team? According to its profile:

Broker/Owner for The Cascade Team Real Estate January 2006—present
Full Service Real Estate Brokerage with over 100 agents and 5 offices in WA and CA.

Oddly enough, this post by the Cascade Team includes attribution, but for some reason my post didn't merit attribution.

We'll see how quickly this is corrected.
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