Thursday, March 22, 2012

(empo-fioy) Startup supporter - guess the country!

If the hashtag didn't give it away, consider that one of the organization's incubators is called the Startup Sauna:

During the Startup Sauna, the selected teams work intensively to develop their business model, technology & its applications, and early market entry. The teams graduating will be prepared to seek for initial investments and first customers. Startups will go through blood, sweat and tears to become the next success story.

The sponsoring organization is Aaltoes:

Aalto Entrepreneurship Society is an independent, privately funded student and post-graduate led community initiative. We encourage high-tech, high-growth, scalable entrepreneurship, providing a tight startup community in Northern Europe. Founded in 2009, Aaltoes believes in grassroots action, self-initiative and lean practices.

The name "Aalto" comes from Aalto University, and since many of the business courses are taught in English (rather than Finnish), the organization is clearly aware of the meaning of the English word "toes." Presumably they help people dip their toes into the waters of the startup world.

And Aaltoes presumably supplies the sausages that startups need to get started.
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