Friday, March 16, 2012

When Clients from Hell isn't in a joking mood

Clients from Hell is usually a lighthearted blog, but there are certain things that Clients from Hell takes seriously.

And based upon many of the entries in the blog (such as one that I previously discussed), it's probably no surprise that a serious issue at Clients from Hell is the nonpayment of freelancers by clients:

Freelancing isn’t free. When a client doesn’t pay, copious amounts of time and money are needed to chase that paycheck. Let’s change that.

The Freelancer Payment Protection Act – which would legally protect freelancers from non-paying clients – needs your help.

Over 1,000 freelancers are already a part the campaign. The bill recently pushed through the New York State Assembly and secured key Republican and Democratic sponsors along the way.

It is hoped that the New York legislation, if passed, will be a model for other states.
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