Thursday, March 29, 2012

Today's splay - Disqus profiles don't please skippythedog

Earlier this month, there was an article about the filing of bigamy charges in the state of Washington. The article allowed for comments - Disqus comments.

One such comment was left by pgroup, who left a comment via Disqus:

Interesting. I wonder how many of the commenters think this is a good priority for the prosecutor's resources. Must be that violent crime and drug peddling have all been substantially reduced so that there's available room in the budget for this type of prosecution.

Who is the victim here, anyway?

I left a reply, and since I am a Disqus user, my reply contained information from my Disqus profile. Here's my reply comment:

While I understand the sentiment, district attorneys and police officers are charged with upholding the entire law. If - I mean when - they start selecting which laws they are going to enforce and which laws they are going to ignore, then we run into wonderful problems of "selective prosecution."

Apparently my comment rubbed someone named "skippythedog" the wrong way. Well, perhaps it wasn't my comment - it was probably my profile.

As you can see, skippythedog left this reply:

Hey's Super Troll !............what the hell is a "vertical blog" anyway? I guess that's a way of saying, no one will actually pay me for anything I write so I fulfill my fantasy of being a journalist by splaying my name and drivel all over the internet. (sorry for my personal attack but this guy, from California, is just a bit too far over the top.)

Interestingly enough, while skippythedog has a Disqus profile, he or she hasn't filled it out. However, it appears that skippy is a local, since skippy only comments at the News-Tribune. So perhaps it was my state, rather than my profile, that motivated skippy's self-described "attack."

Based upon that, what else could I do? I ended up liking the comment. We danged alfalfa-eaters need to stay out of the Pacific Northwest.

Note to Daniel Ha - you may want to lay low if you're pitching something in Seattle.

P.S. Alan O'Neill entered a not guilty plea.
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