Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More evidence against the Illuminati conspiracy - Google punishes Google

I have long maintained that we don't need to worry about the FBI, the CIA, the BBC, B.B. King, Doris Day, Matt Busby, and everyone else entering all of your personal information into a secret Freemason-controlled computer in Brussels. The truth is that organizations don't want to cooperate with each other, because people in the FBI think that people in the CIA are bozos, and vice versa.

In fact, people in the FBI think that people in the other departments in the FBI are bozos.

Consider Google. If you believe some people, everyone in Google is intent on world domination, and they are all working together to expose all your data and enslave you. Even as I type this, Louis Gray may be using super-secret Chinese authored software to record every keystroke that I type into Blogger, feed the keystrokes into a supercomputer, and use secret technology that he got from the Israelis (along with Google's own facial recognition technology) to compare these keystrokes to keystrokes that were entered on a PDP/11-70 in Portland, Oregon in 1982. \

Or perhaps not. In truth, Gray's probably trying to figure out where his kids hid his Android phone.

And Google? Well, Google is not this monolithic united front. Perhaps you've heard about Google's penalty against a web browser - Google's own Chrome web browser.

Searches for “browser” no longer bring up the Google Chrome home page after Google applied a penalty against the page because of Google’s own sponsored post campaign.

Google said even though it felt there were no “remaining violations” of its guidelines, the search engine’s spam fighting team was going to reduce the PageRank value of the Google Chrome home page, which in turn lead to today’s ranking decrease.

Matt Cutts has also shared some information about this episode.

Now of course the conspiracy theorists will claim that this is all a scam, and that Google's real purpose is to promote the use of Internet Explorer and Firefox, based upon a secret agreement reached with Steve Ballmer and Mark Zuckerberg in a secret conference in Dick Cheney's old bunker.

Actually, this post predicts that Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and everyone else will fall under the control of either Google or Microsoft.

Of course, they're all under the control of Obama:

Obama Administration Pays Google and Bing To Direct "ObamaCare" Searches To Their Personal Spin Sites, And Guess Who Paid? George Soros
Wait Did I Say "George Soros?" I Meant You're Paying For This

It amazes me that conspiracy theorists, who often don't trust each other, are still willing to believe that Google, Microsoft, Facebook, the Obama Administration, and the Communist Party are all completely willing to march in lockstep.

But if you want to research it yourself, fire up your favorite web browser - whether it be Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Avant, MaxThon...did I miss any?
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