Monday, January 2, 2012

(empo-tymshft) Searching for Usenet knights of yore - Computer doctor John Grubor

If the name "Dr. John Grubor" doesn't mean anything to you, and if you aren't a computer owner in western Pennsylvania, you can skip this post.

While musing on SOPA, I began thinking about censorship and free speech, which reminded me of some of the mid-1990s fights on Usenet regarding "true free speech."

Sadly, Steve Boursy is no longer with us. But I was able to locate another figure from that era - one who is still alive.

Yes, if you need computer repair services in western Pennsylvania, there's a computer doctor who can help you.

John Grubor
EA Computer Systems

I have been building and repairing computers for 34 years, ever since I completed my Doctorate at PITT in 1975. Nobody knows more about Computers and Operating systems than me.

Contact me through Thumbtack and I'll show you my resume.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate for installation at half of the going price. My Office is in North Versailles Township off of Rt 30.

I repair all computers including laptops and desktops and I build new 64 bit superdesktops.

And Grubor is also on Facebook.
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