Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get to the point, will you, John?

While cleaning out some old e-mails, I ran across my account of an interview in which I participated. During the period in which I was transitioning from my old product manager job to my new proposal writer job, I was videotaped for an interview in which I talked about my product. Here's a portion of my account:

They removed the last two questions, but in their place they asked a question about [another product] and a general one about MorphoTrak. I started to launch into a history of Sagem Morpho and Printrak, but in the interests of time the interviewer asked me to stick to 2009. :)

So I didn't get to talk about butterflies.

P.S. If you didn't listen to Los Angeles radio in the late 20th century, I should note that the post title is derived from something Tim Conway (Senior) said to Jim Healy. You can hear Conway's original here.
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