Saturday, October 2, 2010

What is the security camera looking at? The camera will tell you.

I heard a podcast advertisement for a "thinking camera," so I went to to read about it. The URL redirected me to Or maybe I should send you there via my own link:

However you get there, you'll read the following description:

Award-winning Archerfish Solo™ is a thinking, wireless monitoring camera and recorder with advanced Homeland Security technology. It understands what it sees, so you can tell it what to look for and what to ignore. Archerfish will alert only on what interests you and emails you a video so you can see for yourself. You can even watch live video, on the web, any time you want!

Speaking of video, Archerfish has one:

So, according to this video, a specific perimeter can be established within the camera view, and the camera can tell the difference between a vehicle and a person. You can find out a little bit more from this discussion at CES between an enthusiastic interviewer and "Frank".

And the possibilities for expansion of this technology are endless, although some of the potential expansion ideas go well beyond what your average Best Buy might sell. (Or maybe not.) With my biometrics background, I can see that you could actually detect WHO is coming up to your front door (although the technology has to mature before "face on the fly" recognition becomes truly viable, and any home security system could only recognize the faces of people enrolled in the system, such as family members or that no-good boyfriend). And perhaps you can even recognize the TYPE of vehicle that pulls into your driveway - and frankly, if a Mercedes were pulling into my driveway, I'd want to know about it. (Video from Stemmer Imaging.)

My one question - considering how many are claiming that the U.S. national borders are porous, does Archerfish really want to use the phrase "Homeland Security technology" in its marketing materials?
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