Friday, October 1, 2010

The Madison Heights cheerleading board speaks

The Madison Heights cheerleading discussion continues in the comments to the various blog posts that I've written about the issue. See the comment that was recently added to my second post about the topic.

I figured I'd check the Madison Heights Wolverines website to see if there were any further updates, and I found one:

Parents: As board members we would like to assure all of the parents that we consider every person in this organization along with their opinion important. Our jobs are to ensure that we are doing the very best for each and every child in our program. If you would like us to address a concern that you may have, we would ask that you initially speak with your coach, the general manager or any board member directly. If you feel that your concern has not been addressed or would like to have your concern further discussed, please remember that you are welcome to any board meeting which are held the first Tuesday of every single month of the year (with the exception of January which is typically a closed meeting).

In effect, the board is functioning as a board. While some might claim that the board is unrepresentative of parents, while others claim that those who criticize the board are unrepresentative of parents, the truth is that every organization needs a governing body that actually governs. If people disagree with the actions of the board, there are presumably ways to vote the board out at the next election, or perhaps to impeach the board if necessary. If you have any sort of "throw the bums out" mentality without due process, then you'll have a situation like they're having in Ecuador right now, and I can tell you from personal experience (a family friend is currently stuck in Ecuador and is unable to continue her journey to Peru) that such actions are not beneficial.
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