Thursday, October 21, 2010

Give him a minute!

Ross Porter hasn't been on Los Angeles Dodgers broadcasts in years, but he was on the Dodgers broadcasting team when I arrived in California, and for a couple of decades after that.

An enthusiastic Oklahoman, back in the 1980s Porter had a short update segment on the radio (KABC radio, if I remember correctly). "I'm Ross Porter! Give me a minute!" he'd declare at the beginning of the segment, and it was a command.

I recently ran across an August 1997 Los Angeles Times article by Bill Plaschke that featured Porter, and perhaps told a little bit about the man who labored in Vin Scully's shadow. An excerpt:

The second caller wants to know where the Dodgers hang their retired numbers. In one sentence, Porter does two things some announcers have never done in their lives.

He apologizes and admits he doesn't know.

Words of wisdom for all of us.
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