Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blackberry and Blogger don't play well together

If you visit my blog, you can see an option that allows you to subscribe to the blog via e-mail. This option is directly maintained by our kind non-evil overlords at Google, and under most circumstances it hums away, doing its thing.

But lately I've seen a couple of exceptions.

First, I received a message that one of my blog posts could not be delivered to a particular Blackberry e-mail address. I won't print the address, or the name of the person who holds it, other than to note the last name is very presidential.

But recently I received a new message, regarding the same address:

subject [SUSPECTED SPAM] Delivery Status Notification(Failure)

Your message:
To: [deleted]
Subject: =?utf-8?B?RW1wb3ByaXNlLUJJ?=
Sent Date: 14:19 +0000
has not been delivered to the recipient's BlackBerry Handheld.

The rest of the message reproduced one of my blog posts, which actually wasn't sent to a Blackberry address, but to the address of an educational institution. Apparently "the President" is sending notifications to a Blackberry, and the Blackberry doesn't like them.

Is anyone else having problems getting messages to their Blackberrys?

[A disclosure is in order. I used to work for Motorola.]
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