Monday, October 27, 2014

Yes, there is Ebola insurance now

And here's another insurance item.

I haven't written about Ebola all that much, since I'm spending 25 hours a day expressing my concern about ethics in videogame journalism.

But I guess there are a few people here and there talking about Ebola, especially since the news media airs EBOLA UPDATES at every possible opportunity.

And others are paying attention to the potential impacts of Ebola.

Peter Reilly, WGA’s Healthcare Practice Leader ... noted, “Insurance for lost revenue arising out of a non-physical damage event like a voluntary or involuntary quarantine of facilities and medical professionals is not available on most Business Interruption coverage forms."

So what's the solution?

Miller Insurance Services, an independent specialist insurance broker, and William Gallagher Associates (“WGA”), a U.S. retail insurance broker, jointly announce the availability of Pandemic Disease Business Interruption Insurance, provided by the Ark Syndicate at Lloyd’s. Coverage responds to loss of income arising directly out of shutdowns of healthcare facilities as well as diminished revenues in the aftermath of a quarantine. The coverage is available through highly-rated insurers in London that are licensed in the US and in other world markets.
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