Thursday, October 2, 2014

When to correct?

So I was reading an article by Lisa Pafe. While Pafe notes that you can't worry about everything, there are a few times when you should take action. Here's one of them.

You can correct misinformation. Often the very problems we seek to solve, the decisions we seek to influence, and the time we seek to manage are adversely impacted by misinformation. Of course, we often see the facts misrepresented or spun to favor our opponents. Despite this obstacle, we do have the responsibility to present correct information to the best of our ability.....

For more of Pafe's thoughts on this and other items, see her original post.

However, when I read Pafe's advice, I couldn't help but think of this famous xkcd comic:

As the comic illustrates, there are times when we - and I definitely include myself in that category - are OVERLY committed to correcting things.

So, how do we choose our battles? (Yes, I'm ending this with a question. Engagement and stuff.)
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