Wednesday, October 1, 2014

That was awkward (on listening skills)

I don't mean to embarrass the company in question, because this could happen at multiple companies. It could happen at my company. For all that I know, you may have similar problems reading my stuff.

Anyway, I read an excellent article from this company that discussed some ways in which salespeople can make sure that they listen to their customers.

The top of the article included some buttons that allowed you to share this article with others - obviously the company wants its message to go out. One of those buttons was for LinkedIn, but when I clicked on the LinkedIn button and got the small window allowing me to share the article, the article's title was listed as "403 Forbidden."

That was not the actual title of the article.

Well, sometimes those sharing buttons have their little quirks, so I took the effort to manually paste the link (minus all the post-link junk) into LinkedIn. I did so, and this is what I got:

For whatever reason (and perhaps it's some weird firewall issue for all I know), the company's article title would not show up when you shared the article.

I wanted to alert the company about this issue, and I had already captured the picture above, so I figured that I would email the picture to the author of the article, or to someone else at the company. So I went to the company's website, found the "Contact Us" page...and was greeted with a response form. And no, the response form did not allow you to attach pictures.

I then did another search, to see if I could find some other page for the author of the article. I did, and the page listed the author's phone number.

Well, unless that phone is a cell phone, there's no way to get a picture through that transmission line.

At this point, I gave up.

Although the company tried to set up things really well - sharing buttons, contact forms, phone numbers - the company didn't provide the one way that I wanted to contact it, an email address.

So despite its efforts, the company didn't want to listen to me.

I guess we should add a Rule #7: Make sure the customer has a way to contact you.
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