Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wait for it... (another Thanksgiving post status update)

November 27, 2014.

This date is circled in red here at the Empoprises headquarters on the 25th floor of a Guasti, California skyscraper. Or not.

Why is this date circled? Because, as I've said ad nauseum (most recently in September), that is the date when a long-anticipated post is TENTATIVELY scheduled to appear.

I say tentatively, because I cannot publish this post until something else happens, and that something else - originally expected to take place in October 2013 - has not yet happened.

So, as I've previously stated, there is still a chance that my Thanksgiving post may not appear on Thanksgiving. I am continuing to monitor the situation, however.

However, I am now going to give you a sneak peek into a small portion of the contents of that post. The statement below was not written by me, but was said by...someone else.

I'm holding for effect.

And so am I.

(Unrelated postscript: nine years ago, when I began publicizing the address "1 Empire Way Suite 2525, Guasti, CA 91743," it was meant as a huge joke. Back in 2005, the idea of a 25 story building in Guasti, California was ludicrous. Well, time marches on, and while there aren't any 25 story skyscrapers in Guasti yet, there are some pretty tall buildings around there these days.)

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