Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Odiogone - or at least a little glitchy

In my earlier post on Odiogo, I encouraged you to try the service:

For a demonstration of the service, go to the top of this post and click "Listen Now." Just be sure to do it in the next couple of weeks.

My previous experience has been that the Odiogo version of the post is usually available a few hours after the post appears.

So, a few hours after my post on Odiogo, I clicked on "Listen Now" - and got nothing.

I clicked on posts from the previous couple of days - and got nothing.

That's when I checked my Odiogo feed and discovered that it hadn't been updated since early July. But that seems to fit - Odiogo hasn't updated its blog since July 2011.

So if you want to check Odiogo, go to the top of this July 5 post and click "Listen Now."
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