Friday, August 23, 2013

APMP Training Day is dead. Long live APMP Training Day.

Within the pages of the Empoprise-BI business blog, I often write about my personal business. (It's not like Guy Kawasaki is going to write about my personal business any time soon.) Since my personal business for the last four years has involved proposals, that means that I've written about the training days of the APMP Southern California chapter.

Here's my 2010 post on that year's Training Day, written before I had carved out a separate tymshft blog. Here's my 2011 post on Training Day - and I didn't even go to Training Day that year. My 2012 Training Day posts were more substantial, both in quantity and in content - I addressed the Shipley Capture Guide, multi-multipurpose software, and the effects of the relationship between Shipley Associates and FranklinCovey.

In one of those 2012 posts, I included the following comment:

Those who attended last month's APMP Socal Chapter Training Day - the last-ever APMP Socal Chapter Training Day, by the way...

I chose not to explain my comment in that blog post, so perhaps a person or two thought to themselves, "Why is an APMP Chapter stopping its Training Day?"

Of course, the answer is simple - the APMP Socal Chapter no longer exists.

I could choose not to explain THAT comment, but that would be cruel. The truth is that the reason that the APMP Socal Chapter no longer exists is because this chapter has combined with the Northern California chapter, and now there is an APMP California Chapter in which southern Californians and northern Californians gather together in peace and harmony, just like millions of us do within our beloved state of California. Actually, relations between north and south in the chapter are much better than relations within the state as a whole; because of extensive planning by the leaders of the two former regional chapters, we have (to my knowledge) become one big happy family. (It's good when merger planning goes well; of course, that's why I'm back in Proposals in the first place.)

The combined California Chapter has chosen to hold a Training Day, following the traditions of the old Socal Chapter. And this first Training Day will actually be held here in southern California - let's face it, people like to come to Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. Training Day will be held on Friday, October 25, and will feature an impressive list of speakers, including Mike Parkinson from 24 Hour Company; Dick Eassom from CORTAC Group; Ed Alexander from Shipley Associates; and Robert (BJ) Lownie, one of the guys from Strategic Proposals. The training is open to both APMP members and non-members, although non-members may pay a little more.

For more information, go to the Chapter's Calendar page and follow the links.
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