Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No, KitchenAid hasn't removed the oven temperature probe yet

I'm still amazed by this. I've been writing on the Empoprise-BI business blog for several years now, and I still get a significant amount of traffic from people with problems with their KitchenAid oven temperature probes. And this traffic is all because of my November 2009 post "Remove probe? It's hard to find a kitchen aid at KitchenAid.com" and my October 2011 post "Kitchen Aid oven 'remove probe' problem revisited."

For those who haven't heard of the issue, a little explanation is in order. Certain KitchenAid ovens allow you to use a temperature probe to see if the food that you're cooking is ready. Occasionally, the KitchenAid oven asks you to remove the temperature probe - even when no temperature probe is present. The common solution to this problem, according to howtomendit.com, is to remove the moisture that is somehow interfering with the temperature probe connection.

I was wondering what KitchenAid was saying about temperature probes these days - as of a couple of years ago, you had to go to third party sites to solve the particular problem that I'm discussing here. I quickly found this recent press release that included this excerpt:

Select models include a temperature probe that monitors food temperatures and prompts the oven to signal when the desired food temperature is reached. 

(Hey, fancy formatting from PR Newswire, no?)

But if you go to the customer support website and search for temperature probe, you still find nothing, despite the fact that I could easily find a reference to the temperature probe for one of the top-of-the-line ovens:

The temperature probe in our convection oven makes it easy to get perfect roasts every time. Set the internal food temperature and insert the electronic temperature probe. Once the desired temperature is reached, the oven will turn off.

And sometimes, not turn back on. But the KitchenAid website apparently still doesn't discuss that.

But as I noted previously, it's not like KitchenAid is a really bad brand. Here's part of a negative review on a Bosch oven:

Our oven had problems right out of the box. The temperature probe messed up the entire cooking selections. Every setting wanted the probe inserted, so we had the repairman fix the probe connection.

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