Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More on the false scarcity of qualified magazine subscriptions

This is a follow-up to my June 16 post, which read in part:

I paid rapt attention to the notice that appeared on one of the magazines that I received this afternoon. I won't reveal the name of the magazine, but I will say that it talks about Information and it's published every Week.

The notice said that if I didn't renew by July 1, I "will be replaced by another IT professional."

Well, a couple of months later, that magazine called and asked to qualify my renewal information. The call was surprisingly short; I told them that I had changed jobs and no longer qualified, and the person thanked me.

But I'm still on the magazine's mailing list - or, technically, on the list of one of the entities associated with the magazine. I just got an email about 21st century mainframe costs.

And I know that as of a couple of weeks ago (well after July 1, by the way) I was still getting the magazine itself.

Maybe I should buy a one year subscription to Muscle Car.
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