Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If it's Tuesday...

If you live in the western United States or western Canada, you may be reading this at dinnertime on a Tuesday. Which means that you're getting hungry for some bratwurst. All of the German restaurants in your area probably have a bratwurst Tuesday, where you can get really cheap bratwurst and sauerkraut and...

...whoops, I seem to have made a mistake. It's Taco Tuesday, not Bratwurst Tuesday.

Never mind.

It's true, however, that umpteen million different places have some type of a taco special on Tuesday. But how did this begin?

The Dewitt Draft House in Michigan claims to have invented Taco Tuesday:

We "own" Taco Tuesday. We invented it 28 years ago. Back in 1982 when we opened the doors, we advertised (3) Tacos for a Buck on Tuesdays, gave it a name... "Taco Tuesday", and it became an immediate hit. It's grown to become a Dewitt institution. Nobody cooks at home on Tuesday, everybody is at the Draft House. About 20 years ago we had to raise the price to $2,and for a short time renamed it Taco Twosday. About 10 years ago we changed it to the current pricing where we offer $1.00 Tacos. Although the price went up slightly, you can now pick and choose what you want, (example...1 Beef Taco, and 2 Chicken, etc). Then about 4 years ago we added the very popular and delicious Fish Taco ($2.25). Probably more Taco Tuesday history than you counted on, but now you know.

I haven't been able to find any competing claims for inventing Taco Tuesday. If anyone knows of a Taco Tuesday before 1982, please post it in the comments.
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