Wednesday, June 1, 2011

@foursquare still doesn't want @torontodoorgirl @matthewtravels or me as a customer

I haven't made it a priority to read the mail that Foursquare sends to me, but I took some time last weekend to peek at what Foursquare has sent me over the last few months. Some good friends have asked to become my friend on Foursquare. And I received one other piece of mail from Foursquare that I'll mention in a minute.

And I've pretty much ignored these emails for the last several months.

Why? Well, if you didn't read my January 15 post on the topic, let me quote from Foursquare's own documentation:

If you don't have a phone that will run one of our apps (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, webOS, Winmo7, Symbian) but your phone can access the internet, you can still check in by pointing your mobile web browser to Because most mobile web browsers do not support advanced features like GPS or photo uploads, we have created a simpler foursquare experience that is customized for the mobile web browser’s limitations. For example, you can’t upload photos (no saved photo access), and you can’t earn Mayorships (no GPS) on the mobile web....

As you may remember from my January post, participating in Foursquare without the ability to earn mayorships just wasn't all that compelling for me.

So I've pretty much been ignoring my Foursquare friend requests and other Foursquare emails, and therefore missed an email that arrived on March 29 - an email that I had anticipated for some time:

You've just been ousted as the mayor of Yogurtime Upland!

Sorry for the bad news, but Missy has just ousted you as mayor of Yogurtime Upland!

Don't take it too hard - a few more check-ins and you could be back on top...

Good Luck!
- Your friends @ foursquare

Well, friends @ foursquare, it sounds like I could check in every day for a month on my phone and never earn that mayorship back. But at least I won't be getting any more of those emails from Foursquare, since that was my last mayorship.

And while this handicap doesn't matter to most Foursquare users, it matters to some. @Torontodoorgirl:

If I had the full version of foursquare I would totally be the mayor of Royal York Subway Station by now. Screw you, mobile web.


I'm boycotting @foursquare who no longer count mobile web check-ins (causing me to lose mayorships) & still don't have an app for my phone.

Now, I have a longstanding policy of not deleting inactive accounts, so my Foursquare page still remains online, despite the fact that I haven't even logged into it in several months.

And I'm sure that my account is included in the totals that Foursquare presents to its real clients, ranging from MTV to Yogurtime Upland.

And I'm sure that for many of Foursquare's target businesses, users with smartphones are more desirable than users like me and Torontodoorgirl, or even Matthewstravels. So, in a macro sense, Foursquare works.

But if one of the data analysts at Foursquare is wondering about the reason for this dead you know.
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