Thursday, May 26, 2011

Perhaps they should have stayed in Brooklyn

There is a supper club in Hollywood called...well, it's called supperclub. Lower case, one word, and oh so trendy:

Anything can happen here
Don't come to supperclub if you're in search of a traditional restaurant, have lazy taste buds or are scared of new experiences. However, if you're looking for an unusual dinner experience in an unexpected place and are not afraid to discover the creative corners of your personality, then knock on supperclub's door.

Owner Bert van der Leden:
"Freedom is the keyword at supperclub. It's a mix of food, music, performances, art, our staff and... you. An evening at supperclub has been successful when all your five senses have been tickled.
So to speak, supperclub is a free state of sensual experiences. It's hard to explain exactly what that is: you have to experience it yourself.
Supperclub is all about creative freedom. It's a particular atmosphere -every night different- and a special place where people can let themselves go.

Have fun, eat, listen, dance and enjoy your evening. Nothing is obligatory. Everything's possible. Be yourself and anything can happen to you, at supperclub!"

Unfortunately, they must not be doing all that well. The staff uniforms don't have all that much material.

But I didn't hear about supperclub because of its entertainment. I heard of supperclub because of what's going on in front of it. Namely, the positioning of the red carpet in front of supperclub:

While checking out the walk of fame, I was looking for the star of Vin Scully. I've seen it before but just wanted to see it again.

Bad news, the star is mostly covered with a red carpet and old tape....

I saw hundreds of stars and none of them were covered with any type of carpet or tape. NONE. Only the star of Vin Scully was covered with that garbage.

The post was written in the blog Vin Scully is My Homeboy, a proud supporter of Vin Scully (and of Bryan Stow). It's fair to say that the blog is not a proud supporter of Bert van der Leden.

I can understand the Dodgers getting no respect because of Frank McCourt, but when even Vin Scully isn't being respected, things are really bad.

Not that the patrons of supperclub know what baseball is.
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