Friday, May 27, 2011

Corporate user, schmoporate user

Yet another "you are such an idiot for using old technology" rant that does not account for the fact that many corporate users have no choice in the matter.

Why You Should Ditch Your Windows XP Laptop Right Now


Microsoft's Vista and Windows 7 operating systems are a good deal easier to use than XP. That can be a subjective judgment, of course, but you should know that the two newer OS's are known to be more secure than XP, too. And more stable, and that's something you ought to consider as you plug away typing a response on the keyboard of your sluggish and dangerous XP computer.

It gets worse. Your RAM for your XP is two generations older than the current RAM in laptops, DDR3. Computing publications always advise you that the best way to improve your performance is to add more RAM. With XP, there's only so far you can go-two gigabytes of RAM, to be precise.

But this one has an interesting wrinkle - upgrade to the new system NOW because the even newer system will be really really bad.

[I]f you don't buy Windows 7 now ... you'll probably end up stuck with the disaster that will be called "Windows 8." What's going to be wrong with Windows 8? Well, pretty much everything. The interface is as ugly as hell. Unless you really, really like the Office ribbon. That task bar? It'll be a space-hogging ribbon in Windows 8. Not only that, but the ideas for the platform are to be shared with Microsoft's OS for phones.

Presumably Nathan Bauman hates the iPad because its ideas were taken from the much smaller iPhone and iPod.
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