Tuesday, May 10, 2011

(empo-tuulwey) Why search technology is substandard, May 10 edition

I read Outside the Beltway via Google Reader, and saw the feed version of the blog's recent article, entitled "Babies 'R' Us Sells Defective Cribs, Won't Give Refunds." You can find the online, non-feed version of the post here.

The feed for Outside the Beltway contains Google Ads (as does the feed for this blog, by the way). Now Google is the reputed leader in search technology, so one would expect that its search results are better than others.

I'll give you three guesses regarding the ad that Google placed on the feed for the Outside the Beltway article. And the first two guesses don't count.

Somehow I don't think that Babies "R" Us will get a lot of sales from that ad placement.

And to top it off, while writing this post I opened up my blog in another tab to locate previous discussions of search technology. A Babies R Us ad appeared there, too - this was before this article was posted, so it was relying on information from the other tabs, including the tab in which this post was being composed, as well as a tab that included the Outside the Beltway post. (Interesting ramifications.)

Incidentally, I wrote a similar post on search technology issues in February 2011.

And I still ask - when will search become more intelligent?
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