Monday, May 23, 2011

Ooh la la!

Search is imperfect. This came up in a set of search results (those who know me will probably find the search term in the text).

For a completely decadent evening of foreign intrigue, pair [the movie "Horror of Dracula"] with the even sleazier Spanish classic The Awful Dr. Orloff, Jesse Franco’s first big hit in this country, and the first horror flick to actually show what others only hinted at: nudity! It goes by fast, but it is there, so no blinking. The depraved goings-on and mad skin-grafting experiments are abetted by the blind man-monster Morpho, the insane Dr. Orloff’s rather frisky assistant. But hey, it’s from Europe—so it’s an art film! Expect your date to initiate some fear-induced cuddling.

And to top it off, the IMDB entry includes a plot summary by someone from Reed College. It's a small world, after all.

No word on whether actor Ricardo Valle engaged in cogent scenes of neck-biting.

P.S. Another plot summary can be found here.
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