Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mark Cuban thinks Twitter's brevity is a plus

I recently wondered what would have happened if microblogs had become popular before blogs did, noting that brevity would become important.

I've also whined about the Associated Press and its issues with people quoting from their articles and pasting the quotes into blogs, even if attributed.

I'm not the only one, and Duncan Riley (among others) has been watching Rupert Murdoch lately, and noting that Murdoch could very easily keep all of his valuable content off of Google by implementing a robots.txt file. The underlying assumption is that Murdoch is too scared to risk the loss of traffic from people who follow other links to the News Corp content.

But Mark Cuban has a different view on the whole thing, noting that perhaps AP and Murdoch should block Google from reproducing their content. After all, there's a better way to get link love.

TWITTER IS SURPASSING GOOGLE as a destination for finding information on breaking and recent news of all types. Whats more, TWITTER POSSES NO THREAT to any destination news site. 140 characters does not a story make. Find it on twitter, link to a story on say, FoxNews and everyone is happy. The same concept applies to Facebook Links. Twitter and Facebook are not news destinations that can compete with traditional news sources. Google is. Rupert loves him some twitter. Google, not so much.

Hmm...an interesting side benefit of Twitter's brevity - it FORCES people to come to your website.
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