Wednesday, November 11, 2009

(empo-tuulwey) The non-Google wave

My morning drive sometimes takes me past a retirement home on a busy street, and lately I've noticed that a resident likes to take his motorized scooter out to the sidewalk. From his chair, he sits and waves at the passing traffic. Some people ignore him, some wave back. For all I know, some might give him the finger. (It's a tough world.)

From my perspective, the encounter is not overwhelming. I drive by and see one guy on a scooter, waving.

From his perspective, it initially appears that the encounters would be overwhelming - look at all of those people, and all of that traffic! - but in reality it isn't. The interface between the man and the passers-by is very simple. He sees people waving, or not waving.

Not like other things that I've seen.

P.S. For more discussion of Google Wave, see this post from TechChuff. Sample line: "Google Wave doesn’t actually *do* anything."
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