Monday, November 30, 2009

(empo-plaaybizz) The art of re-engagement

Certain businesses do not rely on repeat customers, but other businesses - for example, restaurants, sports teams, and advertising-driven free services - are highly dependent upon them. The business therefore needs to continuously engage you to keep you coming back.

Let me use an example from the gaming world. I've been playing Farm Town for several months, and recently I achieved my goal of reaching level 34 and buying my mansion. While I was still playing around with Farm Town, and adding things to my farm here and there, it wasn't the major time sink that it was a couple of months ago. This allowed me to devote time to Starfleet Commander (see my previous post).

But then Farm Town began tinkering with the game to try to get older players interested in it again. They offered seasonal items - Halloween pumpkins and the like. They offered more trees and crops. They even changed the levels, allowing you to go beyond the old level 34 (and redefining the levels in the process - level inflation?). These changes, while nice, weren't enough to really make me take notice.

But then Farm Town offered a new item in the real estate office.

Yes, you're now allowed to have more than one farm in Farm Town. As someone who's been busily acquiring planets in my local solar system, why not start acquiring additional farms?

So, what are you adding to YOUR business to keep people coming back?
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