Monday, February 9, 2009

Stupid LinkedIn tricks - using your network's location capability

I was perusing my LinkedIn network updates a few days ago, and discovered that one of my LinkedIn contacts is looking for a job. This caused me to wonder if I could help this LinkedIn contact in any way, even though the contact is in another geographic location.

The obvious way to do this was via my LinkedIn network itself. I'm nowhere near LION status, but even with my network I have contacts throughout the world. So I just had to see - did I have any contacts in the same geographic area as my LinkedIn contact?

Luckily, LinkedIn lets you do this.

If you go to your connections and select Advanced Options, you can then Filter by Location and see all of your contacts who are in a particular location.

There are other ways to probe your network, such as clicking on a company in someone's profile and seeing which of your contacts are currently working at that company, or have worked at that company previously.

So...what's your favorite LinkedIn network search capability? What capabilities would you like to see? Sound off in the comments.
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