Thursday, February 5, 2009

Didn't Stop Daddy - GoDaddy registrations show net increase

Followup to my post from yesterday. A few more items on the GoDaddy/Super Bowl front.

Betty Chaney at Morehead State University has weighed in:

According to TiVo, this year's most viewed commercial was an advertisement for featuring Indy racer Danica Patrick. This particular commercial featured women in a court hearing being asked by a panel of male judges whether or not they were enhanced. All the women denied it, except Patrick who proclaimed she was enhanced.

Patrick also appeared in another Super Bowl ad for It opened with three men watching a computer screen which shows Patrick taking her "fifth shower today." The guys, in amazed wonder, then add "the German woman from the Dean's office" to the equation.

But what is It isn't a website filled with pictures of women. Instead it is a site that registers domain names. So, how do the commercials fit in?

Incidentally, the way that the commercials fit in is that the commercials lead you to the site, where you are then greeted with GoDaddy advertisements for domain name registration and everything else. Mark Trapp pointed this out in a FriendFeed comment. But I digress. Back to Chaney:

It is a shame Patrick has sunk to this level. Patrick should be admired because of the glass ceiling of sorts she broke. She has excelled in the Indy Racing League, a place where women are rarely seen. Instead of making further advancements for herself and other women, Patrick has only helped to contribute to the idea that for women to succeed, they must provide a little sexual excitement. Patrick should stick to racing instead of perpetuating a society that undervalues women.

So it sounds like Danica Patrick is in as much trouble as Miley Cyrus' Asian friend.

But Bob Parsons has faith in the numbers. And the numbers support his position:

Bob Parsons, chief executive officer of the Scottsdale-based domain name registrar, called the issue amusing.

"Since the Super Bowl, we've done 230,000 new or renewed domain registrations and had 9,000 transfer in and 3,800 leave," he said. "So it is much to do about nothing."

I figured that you couldn't anger two potential markets - conservative Christians and feminists. But I was apparently wrong.
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